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. now he says he wants to scrap off gem. in government you can't talk jim. now he wants to pool energy someplace. in government they scrapped energy supplies. now he wants to refer the big six to the competition. then he said he wouldn't do it because it would be wrong. i'm all in favor of switching but this is ridiculous. >> let's talk about my record as energy secretary. i want to thank him for the document last thursday. it reveals something very interesting mr. speaker. while i was the energy secretary, the average jewel fuel bill fell by 110 pounds. under him it's risen by 200 pounds. i'll compare my record to his any day. now let's go on look the part- time chancellor is giving advice again. and i'm coming to one of his favorite subject it is west coast main line. the former railway secretary now the northern ireland secretary told us about the franchise process. we've tested it very robustly and the former secretary of state of national development. she hasn't won the job but she's down the bench over there. she said the process is robust. we learned about floors in the process
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1